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Мини-гостиница «Мераба», Бахчисарай, Крым. Гостевой дом «Мераба». Гостиница в Бахчисарае

Guest house "Meraba"

Bakhchisaraj, Crimea, Ukraine

Tel.: +380 67 731-52-35

E-mail: Агент

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The private hotel in Bakhchisaray Guest House “Merhaba” welcomes its guests!
If you decided to spend your vacation in the Crimea, if you like travelling around historical places, or maybe you need accommodation for the participants of exhibitions, conferences or seminars – Hotel Merhaba, hospitable and homey, will make your rest unique and memorable!
It’s quite impossible to imagine a more interesting, more romantic, more mysterious place than Bakhchisaray and its outskirts. Here one can find everything what real travelers are looking for: high, gloomy, inapproachable mountains, paradisal fertile valleys, clear lakes, gelid rivers lost in canyons, paths, beautiful modern roads, forgotten and grown wild gardens - chairovs. All of this is veiled in mist of fables, dressed up in hoary legends, enriched with Oriental exoticism and is waiting for you.
In the Crimea there is no any other city that so perfectly treasured in itself historical medieval memory of old narrow blind streets and causeways coming to perfectly survived ancient palace of the Crimean Khans. And two km away along the road going to the left up from the palace, the Uspensky Cave Monastery of the XII century cut into rocks. One and a half km ahead there is Chufut-Kale. Even nowadays one can find dark wells, conduits, mansions and prisons there.
From Chufut-Kale, full of bright impressions, you are coming down to Bakhchisaray, former residence of the Crimean Khans. There you should stay for a night to enrich the exoticism of your impressions with exotic dishes and exotic rest in one of the Oriental hotels of the town.
So….Welcome to Guest House “Merhaba” where comfort and hospitality of the Orient are waiting for you!!!

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Popular tours

Khan's Palace in Bahchisaray Khan's Palace in Bahchisaray
3-hour sightseeing tour.


Places to see

On the very top of the mountain nowadays called Chufut-Kale there was once a town, Q?rq Yer.
Ханский дворец в БахчисараеThe Khan's Palace in Bakhchisaray
The Khan's Palace or Hansaray is a unique and an architectural monument.
«Cave town» Eski-Kermen ("The Old fortress") is situated in the picturesque Qaralez valley.
Большой каньонThe Grand Canyon of the Crimea
The Grand Canyon of the Crimea is situated in the depth of the Northern slope of the Ay-Petri mountain.
Мангуп - КалеMangup – Kale
On the very top of the mountain Mangup survived the ruins of the largest ancient city.
Мавзолей первых крымских хановMausoleum of the first Crimean Khans
Nowadays Salac?q is the eastern microdistrict of Bakhchisaray.
  The top of the mountain Tepe-Kermen ("fortress on a summit") affords a lovely view of the river valley, surrounding villages.
Свято-Успенский монастырьThe Uspensky Cave Monastery (The Monastery of the Holy Dormition)
In the picturesque gorge Meryem-Dere (“Mary’s Gorge”) some Greek monks founded the Dormition Church in the 8-9th centuries. 


В нашем гостевом доме на каждом этаже находится уютная кухня.


В каждом номере есть комфортная ванная комната.

Спутниковое ТВ

Спутниковое ТВ В нашем гостевом доме в каждом номере подключено спутниковое ТВ. Подробнее

Wi-Fi Internet

Wi-Fi Internet В нашем гостевом доме на всей территории участка действует Wi-Fi Internet. Подробнее
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